Planning Ahead for New Home Appliances

Our team at Better Housekeeping Shop is here to assist!

We’re all aware of the supply chain issues that have affected so many industries and the appliance sector is one where manufacturers, retailers like our business, and you, our customers, are being impacted.

Here are a few tips to help you better navigate your appliance purchases this year:

1- Leave Plenty of Lead-Time for Kitchen Renovations. If you’re like most, you did not wake up one day and decide to gut your kitchen. It takes time to plan, work with a qualified kitchen designer, and carefully select your appliances relying on the experts at Better Housekeeping Shop to guide you. You’ll be living with the decisions you make for many years to come. Don’t compromise just to save time! If you know now that you would like to embark on a renovation this year, start working with our team as soon as you can, as lead times for the most desired, well-performing brands are currently 6 months+. If you need help getting started, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to advise.

2- Don’t Wait for Your Home Appliance(s) to Break! We all have household items that are on their last leg! Assess your appliances and try as best as you can to avoid an emergency situation. If you need a qualified appliance technician to help you, our team can assist. Our service and sales teams work together to provide our customers with the best solution. Should you invest in repairing an old appliance or would it be better to purchase a new one? Our team is not compensated based on your decision. We promise (and have 83 years of a solid reputation to back us up) that we will guide you in the best decision for you!

3- Related to Point #2 Above…Don’t Compromise on Quality! Our experienced, reputable team is truly here to help you make the best appliance buying decision! We know the ins and outs of products and brands and will not compromise or jeopardize our reputation just to sell you an appliance. We will do everything in our power to match your desired features, functionality, aesthetic, and budget with current appliance availability. Reach out to our team by calling our appliance professionals at 732.741.4310.

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