A Step-by-Step Kitchen Deep Clean

While cleaning may not be something we’re always excited to do, a deep kitchen clean can be an incredibly therapeutic and calming experience, allowing you to slow down and focus on tackling one task at a time. And, at the end of it, you’ll have a sparkling clean and sanitized kitchen. Below, a step-by-step guide for cleaning any kitchen space.

Go to the Wall.  Start by dusting the ceiling and corners of the walls.  Spot wash dirty areas and don’t forget air vents, doorknobs, doors, and switch plates.

Look Up. It’s shocking how much dust collects on a ceiling fan.  Use a non-abrasive cleanser to wipe down the tops and sides, remove any light fixtures and gently wash and dry them before replacing.

Open the Fridge.  Start by unplugging the refrigerator and vacuuming the back coils.  If you can get help moving it, this would also be a good opportunity to sweep and mop underneath.  Sort through the freezer and refrigerator, throwing out any expired food, nearly-empty containers, and items that you know you’ll never use.  Remove interior shelves and drawers, washing them with warm water and soap.  Wipe down the entire inside of the refrigerator and freezer before replacing shelves and food.  Put in a fresh box of baking soda in the back of the fridge to keep odors at bay.

Tackle the Stove.  Take all knobs, burners, covers, and spill catchers off the stove.  Let them soak in a sink filled with hot water and soap.  Wipe down the surface of the stove and make sure it’s completely dry before putting all the cleaned accessories back.

Eye the Appliances.  Wipe down and clean all small appliances including the toaster, blender, microwave, and coffee maker.  If spills have hardened in the microwave and not easily removable, turn it on and boil a cup of water with lemon.  The steam should help loosen the gunk and the lemon will help remove smells.

Wash the Dishwasher.  Add vinegar or baking soda to an empty dishwasher and then run it, with a sanitizing option if available.  If your dishwasher has a food trap in the bottom, clean it out.  Wipe down the outside of the dishwasher, paying attention to the buttons and the handle.

Organize cabinets and drawers.  Clean out the contents of your cabinets, wipe them down, removing crumbs, dust, etc.  Once clean, put down a lining for extra protection if needed.  Wipe down and clean out drawers as well as knobs and pulls.  Organize your flatware, pots, and dishes.  Remove mismatched lids and bowls and get rid of anything you know you don’t use on a regular basis.  Add drawer dividers to keep your things organized going forward.

Clean countertops and sink.  Spray and wipe down all the countertops and the sink using a cleaner with disinfectant.  Don’t forget backsplashes, faucets, and handles.  If you have a garbage disposal, clean it out and pour baking soda with warm water and a lemon peel down it to sanitize and freshen the drain.

Sweep and mop the floors.  While more time-consuming than a vacuum, sweeping a floor is one of the most meditative things you can do to clean your kitchen.  And you can literally see the fruits of your labor in the piles of dirt, food crumbs, and dust that build up.  In addition to the floors, don’t forget baseboards which are prone to collecting dust.  One of the best ways to get a floor really clean is to use a rag or towel and get down on your hands and knees and really scrub.  The plus – a clean kitchen and a workout!

Relax and enjoy. Take a look around at your hard work and enjoy a clean and organized kitchen!

Please give us a call 732-741.4310 if you have any specific questions about cleaning your appliances! 

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