Shut the (Front Loader) Door!

Front-loading washing machines have become increasingly popular over the years, and with good reason.  They are made to be significantly more efficient in every way than top-loading models.  In fact, front-loading washers use up to a 1/3 less water, energy, and detergent than older models, which results in substantial cost savings over time.  But while we know customers appreciate these savings, there is one problem that keeps coming up for owners of front-loading washing machines: odor.  And if there is one place you don’t want odor, it’s in your washing machine!  Fortunately, as we wrote in a previous post , GE has just put out their new UltraFresh front-loader with a completely renovated vent system and what they’re calling OdorBlock technology.  We took a look at this new appliance and are excited to share what we’ve learned.

The UltraFresh washer takes a three-pronged approach to eliminating the problematic odor that many front-loading washing machines have: Drain, Dry, and Defend.  First, GE developed a wider gasket for the UltraFresh that better drains leftover water after a wash. Removing excess moisture in this way helps not only reduce bacteria growth, but keeps the area dry enough so it’s no longer an environment for bacteria to grow in the first place.

Second, GE’s latest washer takes its name from the newly engineered and first-of-its-kind UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock.  GE is calling it a “revolutionary new airflow system” that works to “eliminate excess moisture so you can shut the door without worry about bad odors.”  Much like the redesigned gasket, this new vent system keeps the machine dry, removing any chance for bacteria and odor to develop.

And finally, GE partnered with Microban, the leading developer of antimicrobial and odor-control technologies, to create the first washer gasket, detergent dispenser, and water pump built with Microban technology, to help prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 

By reconceptualizing and redesigning these main components, we think GE has finally found a solution to the problem of “stinky” front-loading washing machines, giving customers an energy-efficient appliance they’ve come to appreciate but without the odor and bacteria build-up they’d prefer to live without!

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