Trends: Standouts at the 2020 Kitchen and Bath Industry

Every year at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), a panel of industry professionals choose winners in a variety of categories as the top products/appliances for the year. These selections showcase not only new innovation and technology, but point to trends and exciting new styles that will eventually filter down and be available to the general market. It’s always exciting to see what new appliances and improvements brands have developed and this year’s show was no exception. Below, a few of the standouts.

Automated Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser

Miele 7000 Dishwasher
This Miele Dishwasher is a KBIS Award Winner!

This year’s Kitchen Silver Award winner was the G 7000 Dishwasher by Miele. This appliance highlighted a smart technology that was seen all over the tradeshow floor: automated detergent dispensing. With an accompanying app that enables users to see when you’re low on soap – and shop for more, and the ability to stop or start the appliance remotely, the Miele G 7000 is combining technology and convenience in a way that we think will be very attractive for customers.

A Truly Customizable Washing Machine

GE Ultra Fresh Front Load Washer is a KBIS Winner!

The Bath Gold winner at KBIS was the new UltraFresh Front Load Washer by GE.  Like the Miele, this machine utilizes smart dispensing technology as well as the ability to sync your washer and dryer to automatically set the “just-right” levels.  These options save not only time but water, detergent and energy.  A win-win all around!  What’s more, this washer comes with an adjustable door, allowing you to choose which way it opens, depending on the placement of the appliance in your space.

Next Level Wine Storage

Appliances for storing wine have been around for quite some time but this year we saw smart technology applied to wine storage in a really exciting way. A new design from Plum is the first appliance that takes a bottle of wine and automatically identifies the label, chills it to a just-right temperature, preserves it for 90 days, and serves the wine one glass at a time. The preservation technology helps control food waste (gone are the days of having to throw out an old bottle of wine!) and the single serving option caters to the increasingly larger population of adults living alone.

At Better Housekeeping Shop we make it a priority to stay on top of top trends and styles.  Our showroom has an incredible selection of brands that are sure to fit whatever you’re looking for in your home and kitchen. Give us a call at 732-741-4310 or stop by any time and speak to one of our sales associates!

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