Why It’s a Great Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

Maybe you don’t want to save money.

That’s always possible; but, for the rest of us, saving money is an important part of our decision-making when it comes to our homes. And if you do want to save money, right now is a great time to renovate your kitchen.

There are many reasons why you may be thinking about renovating: maybe your oven needs to be replaced but a new one won’t fit your current space. Or perhaps your countertops are worn and shabby. You may not have enough storage. You may just be in the mood for something new. The reasons are myriad, but the results are the same: it’s time for a new kitchen!

And Bosch wants to help you create the kitchen of your dreams with a 10% rebate when you purchase three or more Bosch kitchen appliances!

The Bosch home appliances company is part of the third-largest appliance manufacturer in the world, selling high-performance German-engineered major cooking appliances in the United States since 1991. The company frequently receives top ratings in consumer publications and is known nationwide for raising the standards in appliance quietness, efficiency, and integrated design.

What that means for you is not only that you can get a great deal on the appliances of your dreams, but also that they come backed by a company whose name and quality you can trust. And even better, Bosch uses green technologies and produces environmentally friendly appliances, so you can feel good about them—and your part in preserving the planet.

So what appliances does Bosch have for you? Everything you could possibly want: dishwashers, microwave and warming/storage drawers, refrigerators, ventilation, rangers, cooktops, and built-in wall ovens. Everything is sleek, upscale, and beautifully functional.

But don’t waste time—the offer is only good until the end of November! At Better Housekeeping Shop, we can help you take advantage of this fabulous offer—and be cooking in your new Bosch kitchen by Thanksgiving! Why not ask us how today? Take a look at Bosch appliances here and give us a call 732.741.4310.

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