Shopping for a new dishwasher? Consider this…

Today we’d like to talk about dishwashers. Not the most scintillating of topics, perhaps; but if you want your dishes to be scintillating, read on!

As is true for all appliances, dishwashers today are nothing like the ones your parents used. Those were loud, clunky, not very attractive, and not even always very efficient; you often had to do a pre-wash in the sink before you could even put your dishes into the machine! Today’s dishwashers are sleek, unobtrusive, and so quiet that you can’t always tell that they’re running.

The noise factor is an important one. Chances were your parents could start the dishwasher and then shut the kitchen door to deaden the sound—but today’s open-plan homes are often centered around the kitchen, so noise matters. You can opt for a model with a manual-clean filter rather than a self-cleaning one for even quieter running.

The visual appeal of dishwashers has changed, too: now there are models that feature concealed control panels built into the top of the door and stylized paneling that keep the dishwasher from standing out and help it blend in with your overall kitchen décor. If it’s flexibility you want, some companies offer dishwasher drawers: essentially two independent dishwashing drawers stacked on top of one another to accommodate single- or double-drawer loads.

If you’re interested in cutting-edge technology, then check out our selection of energy-efficient machine with shorter cycles and advanced features designed to cut time and fuss over dishes.

And then there’s the savings. An energy-efficient dishwasher can save you hundreds of dollars over its life (which is, on average, about 10 years). Dishwashers that meet the federal EPA’s voluntary Energy Star standard are, on average, five percent more energy-efficient and 15 percent more water-efficient than standard models. (On average, dishwashers last about 10 years.)

But as important as it might be to save energy with your new dishwasher, you’ll also want to buy a machine that fits your budget and your family’s lifestyle. And that’s where we come in. We’ll listen to you, ask you questions about your needs for your kitchen appliances, and help you choose the dishwasher that’s just the right fit for your family and your home.

Call Better Housekeeping Shop today 732.741.4310 to get the perfect dishwasher that not only meets all of your requirements, but the one that our appliance experts know you’ll be happy with for years to come!  Browse our website  for dishwashers.


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