Back to School, Back to Work: Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Now that the lazy days of summer are behind us, vacations are over, and the kids are back to school, life may feel a lot more hectic, with too much to do and too little time to do it. It’s hard enough to get everyone fed and out the door in the morning for work and school; taking time to clean your appliances, mop the floors, or clear out the refrigerator may seem impossible to do in a day.

But while the kitchen is the heart of the home, and usually the place families spend the most time in together, it gets dirty fast. And a dirty kitchen is no one’s idea of a happy place. So how can you keep your kitchen and appliances clean when time is limited? The brilliant folks over at TheKitchn have created a Daily Cleaning Plan that promises to help you clean your kitchen – and keep it clean – in only a few minutes a day. By tackling just one of these items each day, you’ll keep your kitchen from getting out of hand, and avoid the stress-inducing marathon cleanings that prevent you from spending your free time how you want to enjoy it.

Day 1. Wipe down the fronts of appliances, large and small.

Day 2. Clean the inside and outside of your trash can.

Day 3. Tidy cookbooks, aprons, and towel and linen drawers.

Day 4. Wipe down baking containers (flour, sugar, cornstarch).

Day 5. Clean out your refrigerator. Wipe down shelves and tidy freezer.

Day 6. Wipe down cabinet fronts (dust and polish) and range hood.

Day 7. Mop the floor.

Day 8. Wipe down the fronts of appliances, large and small.

Day 9. Clean the inside of your utensil holders and top of refrigerator.

Day 10. Clean under your refrigerator and stove.

Day 11. Clean the seal on your dishwasher and garbage disposal.

Day 12. Clean windows and sills (if you have them).

Day 13. Wipe down decorative accessories and pictures.

Day 14. Mop the floor.

Day 15. Wipe down the fronts of appliances, large and small.

Day 16. Tidy pantry, canned goods, boxes, and bags.

Day 17. Clean cleaning items (clean the sponge, wash towels, etc.).

Day 18. Wipe down interior cabinet shelves.

Day 19. Wipe down walls.

Day 20. Wipe down cabinets (dust and polish) and range hood.

Day 21. Mop the floor.

Day 22 Wipe down the fronts of appliances, large and small.

Day 23. Organize pots, pans, or other items under cabinet drawer.

Day 24. Scrub out sink and wipe down faucet.

Day 25. Clean out your refrigerator, wipe down shelves, and tidy freezer.

Day 26. Clean the inside of your microwave and set your oven to clean.

Day 27. Wipe down baseboards.

Day 28. Mop the floor.

Day 29. Wipe down the fronts of appliances, large and small.

Day 30. Dust light fixtures, clean switch plates and vent covers.

For a printable PDF version of this list (perhaps to keep on your newly cleaned refrigerator!) click here.

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