Brand Spotlight: Thermador’s Masterpiece Collection

At Better Housekeeping Shop we are proud to carry a large and diverse collection of appliance brands. It’s important to us that we can offer our customers a range of options, so they’ll be sure to find what they’re looking for, in terms of affordability, luxury, and durability. We also like to keep you, our customers, updated on new appliances and lines that have come on the market, so you’ll always be informed. To that end, we’ll be doing Brand Spotlights, where we can dig a little deeper into one particular appliance or company, explain why we are proud to carry it in our store, and hopefully help you find just the right item for your home.

Thermador, one of the country’s top appliance brands for over 100 years, has just launched two new Collections that we are very excited to be carrying in our store. The first, is its Masterpiece Collection, a line of appliances that seamlessly blends sleek, modern design with the capabilities and technologies necessary to assist (and withstand) a busy life. We’re incredibly impressed with the way the Masterpiece Collection mixes aesthetics and convenience, making for a cooking experience that is second to none.

Here are a few details that we particularly like:

  • Exclusive to the Masterpiece Collection is the new Freedom Induction series, which features the largest cooking surface area of any cooktop on the luxury market. With Freedom, the entire surface of the cooktop can be used as one large cooking area. Up to 6 pots or pans can be heated simultaneously, in any position, and controlled using a full color touch screen. The convenience of the Freedom – the ability to place pans anywhere on the cooking surface – is truly a wonder and will certainly be a game-changer in any kitchen.
  • Ventilation units, often an eyesore in a kitchen, have never looked more elegant than in the Masterpiece Collection. They’re designed to match flawlessly with Thermador cooktops so as to complement the look of the kitchen, instead of distract from it. And what’s better, the line features Noise Control Technology so you’ll never be bothered by the noise of the fans.
  • The Gas Cooktops in the Masterpiece Collection include the one-of-a-kind Star Pedestal Burner, making for perfectly even cooking (you’ll never again have to rotate pots and pans to avoid burn spots), as well as their patented QuickClean Base, which contains spills and makes cleaning as easy and efficient as ever.

At Better Housekeeping Shop we’re always working to make sure we have the best appliances for our customers. We take pride in your customer satisfaction and our goal with every purchase is to create customers for life. Stop into the store anytime or give us a call at 732-741-4310 and speak to one of our Sales Associates about Thermador’s Masterpiece Collection or any of your appliance needs.

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