Luxury Appliances for Real Dinners, Real Cooking, and Real People

You love to cook. You give the best dinner parties, share the most original recipes, and your kitchen is a favorite gathering-place for family and friends.

What if you could cook faster, clean easier, and enjoy more time relaxing with the people you love? You may have wondered about replacing your current kitchen appliances, but told yourself that what you have now is perfectly serviceable—for the time being, anyway.

Sometime, you tell yourself. Sometime you’ll think about change.

“Sometime” is now. The last few years have seen outstanding improvements in appliance performance, so if you haven’t looked at kitchen appliances lately, then you don’t know kitchen appliances.

For over a century, people like you have entrusted their kitchen appliance needs to General Electric, and the Monogram series delivers that trusted GE quality with the luxury of customization that blends discreetly and gracefully into your kitchen décor for a look of quiet understatement.

“Sometime” is now. Consider:

  • Energy-efficient refrigerators with advanced temperature-management systems that adapt to your needs
  • Downdraft cooktops that pull smoke from the surface to clear the air without a hood
  • Dishwashers that offer quiet cleaning, with finishes including stainless steel, sleek black glass, and custom panels

“Sometime” is now. Because, right now and through the end of the month, GE is offering irresistible specials on Monogram kitchen appliances. Start by purchasing any pro range or wall oven and cooktop combination, and you’ll receive a free above-the-cooktop oven or hood insert, a wine reserve, a beverage center, or a dishwasher. Add in a refrigerator, and you can choose a second appliance from the same list of free eligible machines. In fact, your qualifying purchases can net you up to $3,698 in free appliances!

So it’s very clear that “sometime” is now. Why don’t you come in to Better Housekeeping Shop today and see which Monogram appliances are just right for you?


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