It’s Time To Get Outside…To Your Kitchen!

With summer finally here, it’s time to start spending time more outside—after all, you just know that next winter will arrive far too soon! And there’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors than sharing food and fun with family and friends in your own backyard.

So it’s time to start thinking about your kitchen—your outdoor one, that is! And it doesn’t have to be elaborate: start off with a kettle grill and a cooler and you’re all set. But once you’ve started enjoying cooking and eating outdoors (food tastes better—we don’t know why, but it does!), you’ll probably want to expand your outside cooking repertoire.

And we can help. Why not consider a Viking Outdoor Kitchen? It gives you everything you’d find in a professional kitchen—except for walls. There’s no reason to limit yourself to grilling (though, let’s face it, grilling will always be the foundation of any outdoor cooking): now you can barbecue, fry, even bake outdoors. You can enjoy easy clean-up, no heat or mess in your house, and the ambiance of the beautiful outdoors.

But the Viking Outdoor Kitchen gives you more than just cooking options. Are you used to doing your prep work in the house, then running back and forth to bring it out to the grill? Why not make all of your preparations right outside in the fresh air? Bring the food prep outside, too, with plenty of surfaces, a sink, and some appliances—and keep the party going even while you’re chopping veggies.

Don’t forget that when you add a Viking Outdoor Kitchen to your backyard, you’ll be increasing your home’s value—and easily becoming the most popular chef in your neighborhood!

Why not stop by Better Housekeeping Shop today and see what Viking Outdoor Kitchens can do for your next outdoor party?

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