It’s Going To Be A Viking Summer!

No, we’re not talking about longboats and men with horns on their helmets, but we do want you to join them outdoors—at least as far as your backyard, where you’re going to spend lazy summer weekends and long summer evenings eating out, watching fireflies, and generally enjoying a slower pace of life and great food. And Viking is ready to help, with its Ultimate Grill and Chill Summer Event.

Right now, you can earn up to a $400 rebate on a Viking Grill package:
grill and cart, or
grill and cabinet, or
grill and refrigerator and ice machine
… all of which stack up to hot summer savings, and the greatest in outdoor cooking.

That’s not all: you can also earn up to a $100 rebate on the exciting Viking Ultimate Gravity Feed Smoker. These amazing smokers give you both power and capacity for the absolute best barbecues, so you can easily cook a full slab of ribs or an entire turkey.

And Viking’s unique gravity-feed charcoal system automatically lights fresh coals as the old coals burn off. Even better, the elliptical airflow system and precision temperature control also offer versatility: you can cook everything in the smoker, from traditional barbecue and smoked meats to steaks, pizzas, even dessert. Why spend any time at all in your indoor kitchen this year, when you can do it all outside?

Heavy-duty stainless steel lasts for years and makes cleanup a breeze, and Viking appliances are inherently beautiful: they’ll fit right in to your backyard décor and motif. It’s a terrific opportunity to own and use some of the best appliances in the world, at prices that will keep you going back for just one more to add to your outdoor kitchen.

Be honest: do you really want to spend the next three months cooking in your hot indoor kitchen, carrying food out to the backyard and running back and forth for everything you’ve forgotten? Bring your kitchen outside and let Viking handle it all, from surface prep areas to refrigeration to this sweet deal on the smoker.  is proud to carry a full line of Viking appliances and we can help you find just the right combinations for your outdoor entertaining this summer. Why not stop in and let us show it all to you today? Visit our shopping website here.

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