Increase Your Home’s Value: The Renovation That Makes All The Difference

No: we’re not talking about creating an additional room out of the attic or putting a hot tub in the back yard: the renovation that makes all the difference in increasing value is in your kitchen. New designs that combine sleek modern looks with amazing innovative capabilities are what will eventually attract homebuyers to your house—and will give you years of chic service and effortless convenience in the meantime!

The way that we use our kitchens is changing, and appliances are changing to meet those demands. Whereas once the kitchen (and everything that happened in it) was hidden away, most of us now actually entertain there, our guests lured in by open-plan architecture and the dazzling beauty of kitchen appliances, design, and accessories.

While stainless steel is still a great favorite, there are new cutting-edge alternatives that might just make it a thing of the past. Color isn’t merely permissible anymore: it’s taking center stage. GE, for example, is featuring an Artistry line of cupcake-blue and pepper-red appliances, colors that pop in both bright airy kitchens and darker, sleeker modern ones. GE is also offering a slate finish as an alternative to stainless steel that’s easier to care for, resists fingerprints, and blends with nearly any décor.

Whirlpool’s Ice Collection capitalizes on the popularity of white-on-white and black-on-black kitchen design and offers glossy black and white finishes that will complement new kitchen designs, a great alternative for those who don’t happen to be excited by GE’s bright fresh colors.

The big news, of course, is in countertops: Formica is back! Don’t think we’re talking about the old tired Formica of the 70s (though it was considered pretty snazzy back then): the new and improved Formica is smooth and seamless and integrates well with fresh farmhouse sinks. Formica also offers patterns in its commercial line that are actually ideal for residential applications if you’re interested in the trendy white-on-white look.

The new look isn’t just about—well, looks—either. Convenience is key to today’s kitchen renovations. Single-appliance range/oven combinations, for example, need to hinge at the bottom, but with the newer, more convenient wall-mounted ovens, you want to get closer in. Bosch has solved that problem by designing a side-hinge that allows you better access and more leverage for lifting out anything heavy.

We can help you find just the right combination of beauty and convenience for your kitchen renovation, so you can add value to your home and sparkle to your life. Why not stop by Better Housekeeping Shop and see some of these exciting new trends in kitchen appliances today?  Visit our shopping site here.

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