Back-to-School is Back-to-Laundry!

Summer is just about over—and parents of grade school-aged kids everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief. Having the kids around for two months is terrific; having them go back to school is—in the words of the credit-card advertisement—priceless.

One of the glorious things about the summer is its sartorial laissez-faire. T-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops are summer’s uniform, and they’re pretty easy to keep clean. Or not care about when they get dirty.

Back to school, though, calls for neat outfits, and lots of them. But Better Housekeeping Shop has your back: we have our annual Back-to-School Laundry sale going on now and right now there’s even a $100 rebate on select GE and LG laundry pairs.

These are great, heavy-duty machines. The LG washer is near the top of Consumer Report’s ratings, and both machines make the recommended list and have jumbo capacities, each holding about 26 pounds of laundry. “The washer was superb at cleaning and gentle on fabrics and has 14 cycles; the dryer excelled at drying.” Consumer Reports also likes the GE pair: “front-loader was impressive at cleaning, with a normal wash time taking 70 minutes on the heavy soil setting, very gentle on fabrics, efficient with water, and excellent at extracting water. That cuts dryer time. The washer is relatively quiet. The electric dryer was one of two models to score excellent overall and made our list of top dryer picks. We found that it was superb at drying, very convenient to use, and relatively quiet. Both the washer and dryer have large capacities.”

What qualities are you looking for in a washer and dryer duo? It may be that appliances have changed since the last time you shopped for them. Today’s appliances come with high-tech features built in to make your life easier. A few highlights of the features of today’s washers include:
– Electronic controls that let you quickly choose cycles
– Displays on the remaining cycle time and status
– Dispensers that release detergent, bleach, and softener at the right time
– Steam settings

Face those piles of back-to-school clothes with strong, heavy-duty machines that will carry you through another tough school year! At Better Housekeeping Shop, we have a number of great deals on some of today’s hottest washers and dryers, and we’d be happy to find just the right ones for you.  Visit our shopping website here and give us a call today 732.741.4310.

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