Brighten Those Winter Blues with New Appliances From Bosch!

So we’ve survived the blizzard. We’ve endured and we’ve dug out and we’ve seen more snow than we want to see for the next 10 years. Welcome to winter in New Jersey!

What could have made the blizzard more bearable? Well, what if you’d been able to spend it in a kitchen filled with brand-new Bosch appliances?

We don’t want to be the ones to say it, but winter isn’t over yet, and so there’s time to make sure that the next snowfall finds you cozily creating wonderful meals in the kitchen of your dreams. At Better Housekeeping Shop, we can deliver that kitchen… and Bosch is making it easy for you with a real rebate—nothing you have to remember to mail in, even: it’s all online, and you can even receive processing updates as texts!

Here’s the scoop: Purchase any three qualifying Ascenta, 300, 500, 800 and Benchmark™ Bosch appliances and receive a 10% rebate off the purchase price, excluding sales tax, delivery, and other non-product expenses. And it gets better: If all of the qualifying models in the package are Benchmark™, you’ll receive an additional bonus $250 installation rebate.

Once you’ve purchased your appliances and have had the chance to see how fabulous they are, you can go to the Bosch site and write a review. You’ll be entered into a monthly drawing for another $250 prepaid Visa card!

But it’s not just about saving money: it’s about saving the planet, too. All Bosch appliances are energy-efficient, and they’re all manufactured with particular care for our natural resources. The Bosch brand is synonymous with sustainable production and careful resource management.

Act now so you can enjoy the warmth of a new energy-efficient kitchen—and brighten those winter blues with savings from Bosch and Better Housekeeping Shop!  Call us today at 732.741.4310 to discuss any of your home appliance needs with one of our highly trained, experienced, and professional team members.


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