1-2-3? Try 1-2-Free Thermador Appliances!

Right now, you have the opportunity to personalize your kitchen with some great new Thermador appliances from Better Houskeeping Shop. And in fact, you could save up to $6,000!

Better Housekeeping Shop and Thermador are offering a great sale option to help you put some new appliances into your kitchen in time for the cozy winter cooking that goes on there. By buying in packages, you’ll save money and get some of America’s best appliances, fully backed by Thermador’s reputation.

For example, you can buy either:

  • Buy a 48″ pro grand steam range
  • Or buy a 30″, 36″, or 48″ professional range
  • Or buy any cooktop or rangetop and any wall oven

… And you’ll get a dishwasher for free!

And it gets better: all you have to do is add refrigeration and the savings add up as well. Add any 30″ or 36″ bottom freezer, or any 42″ or 48″ side-by-side, or any (2) Freedom® Columns, and you can receive:

  • A free microwave drawer ($1,649 value)
  • 50% discount on a stem/convection oven (which is a $2,199 value)
  • An upgrade to a Star Sapphire dishwasher or a free Emerald dishwasher (
  • A free ventilation hood (a $3,848 value)

Want to know what to do with all these new appliances? That’s the easy part: they’re all energy-efficient, sleek, and ready to take on the most difficult recipes. But it’s winter, so we thought that instead it might be fun to cook up some comfort food in your new kitchen. Shepherd’s pie, anyone?

To make easy shepherd’s pie, cook 1 pound of ground beef in a large skillet over medium-high heat for about five minutes. Drain the grease from the beef and stir in 1/3 cup of ketchup and 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce. Add 8 ounces of thawed frozen mixed vegetables and cook for approximately 1 c minute, stirring constantly. Spoon the vegetable and beef mixture into a baking dish.

Mix 1/4 cup of cheddar cheese with one 16-ounce package of mashed potatoes in a bowl, then place the mixture on top of the beef and vegetable blend. Bake the shepherd’s pie at 400 degrees Fahrenheit until it is heated through, approximately 10 minutes.

Depending on what time you have available, you can substitute:

  • Fresh vegetables can be substituted for frozen ones; cut them into small pieces and cook them before putting the shepherd’s pie together.
  • Canned vegetables can also be used and are even quicker
  • Of course, fresh potatoes can be used as well; just pre-cook and mash, then add. We like using red-skinned potatoes and keeping the skins in the mix for more vitamins!

 Enjoy your Shepherd’s pie, and come in to Better Housekeeping Shop where we can help you choose the perfect kitchen to cook it in… and we’ll get you the best savings possible!

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