Porcelain Refrigerators Make Their Red Carpet Debut

As if our recent post about Dacor’s new four-door refrigerator wasn’t exciting enough, we wanted to show you another fantastic product we saw at the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Show. Dacor just introduced the world’s first refrigerator with porcelain interior. With Project Blanc, the porcelain is coming out of the bathroom and into the kitchen!

But why would one want their refrigerator to be made of porcelain? Well, due to a higher heat capacity than common cooling materials, porcelain minimizes temperature fluctuation. So you don’t have to worry about food spoilage if the power goes out or the refrigerator door is accidentally left open. What’s more, interior porcelain walls, door liners and drawer fronts ensure temperature consistency, allowing food to retain original textures and flavors longer (i.e. leftovers can last that much longer!).

According to Dacor’s spokeswoman, “The premium white porcelain interior walls, door liners and drawer fronts not only offer stunningly exquisite aesthetics, but also establishes superior hygienic standards. The ultra-low porous surface prevents contamination, while eliminating odor transfer and discoloration from spills. Durability is also a substantial benefit of porcelain. Crafted from the finest raw minerals, the porcelain interior is glazed with aramid, a highly-durable synthetic fiber used in the aerospace industry. The glazing process allows Dacor’s porcelain to become five times stronger than plastic, yielding unparalleled scratch resistance for a new look overtime.”
The Project Blanc refrigerator will be available in the coming months and we can’t wait to showcase it at our store!

At Better Housekeeping Shop, we work hard to continuously offer the most innovative and new products to our customers. Give us a call anytime, 732.741.4310, or stop in to our Red Bank location and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates. We guarantee you’ll be impressed by what we have to offer!

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