A Refrigerator to Fall in Love With!

As promised, we wanted to highlight some new and exciting appliances that we saw at the Kitchen and Bath International Show, many of which we’ll be offering in the store this year. The name of the game is combining smart technology and sleek design, providing you with a multitude of options and techniques to make your kitchen (and the meals you cook in it!) one-of-a-kind.

One appliance we went crazy for was Dacor’s 42” four-door French door refrigerator. Can you fall in love with a refrigerator? Because I think we have! With plenty of options, depending on your needs and kitchen space, the Dacor can fit the classic 41 ½ -inch wide, 24-inch deep cutout but can also be installed fully flush in a 42-inch full-width, 25-inch deep opening. You can also choose from wood paneling, silver or graphite stainless steel panels (which complement Dacor products in the Modernist or Heritage lines), for whatever look you want. And while most French doors have horizontal bottom freezer-drawers that pull out, Dacor’s is designed with vertical freezer-doors that not only are easier to open, but makes for a more aesthetically-pleasing and seamless look and feel.

The coolest detail of this refrigerator though is what’s called the FreshZone. It’s a special compartment that converts to a freezer or a refrigerator, depending on how you need it. So say one week you get overly excited and buy way too many vegetables at the farmer’s market and need a place to store it (because try as you might, you’re never going to finish all that rainbow chard in a day) – just put it in the FreshZone! But then wait, the following week, you spend a Sunday making dozens of meatballs and then realize with horror you’re completely out of freezer space (it’s still full of frozen chili from the last marathon cooking day). No fear, that’s what the FreshZone is for! Simply customize the temperature and voilà, you suddenly have a bigger freezer.

This beauty also has a Wi-Fi-enabled camera so you can see what’s in your refrigerator from anywhere on your smartphone via the Dacor Kitchen iQ app. So on those nights when you run out to the grocery store to grab some dinner ingredients and can’t remember how many eggs you have left or if you’ve finished that jar of tomato sauce, just take a quick peek and you’ll be all set. See, told you we’re in love!

Despite the cold temperatures, things are heating up over here at Better Housekeeping Shop. Stop by or give us a call at 732-741-4310; we’d love to show you some new items (like the Dacor!) we’re falling in love with.

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