2018 Trends for your Kitchen!

It’s been an exciting few weeks here at Better Housekeeping Shop! Owner Michael Belforti recently attended the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, and saw some fantastic new appliances that we’re looking forward to showcasing at the store. In addition to the items he saw, Michael observed some interesting trends that we wanted to share with you. Says Michael, “Better Housekeeping Shop is focused on appliances, and we’re experts in advising clients on the newest trends in appliances, but to do this, we need a good contextual knowledge of what is occurring throughout the entire kitchen industry, not just our segment. So we go to KBIS each year to meet with many of our appliance vendors, but also to understand the newest trends in kitchen design, cabinet materials, colors, and lines, as well as overall architectural trends for small, medium and large kitchens.”

So what is the hottest new trend? Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s smart appliances and gadgets, and bringing the highest of technology and connectivity to your kitchen. Though smart ovens, ranges, and refrigerators have been on the market for years, there’s been a big push lately to take it to the next level with new features like Wi-fi and full-color touch screens. According to Digital Trends, “The promise has always been that someday your fridge will be able to choose a recipe for you based on your preferences and the groceries you actually have stocked inside, then send it to your oven for preheating, while on one of your many screens, videos play to help you master unfamiliar techniques. According to companies such as Whirlpool, we’re practically there.” Pretty cool, huh? We certainly think so!

In the new few weeks we’ll be highlighting on the blog some of our favorite new appliances and items that we’ll be offering. So check back often and see what we have in store (pun intended!). And of course, you can always stop in or give us a call at 732-741-4310 and chat with one of our sales associates.

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