A Taste of Italy in your Kitchen…2 Minutes to Pizza!

If you’re renovating your kitchen or looking to update old appliances with something new, GE’s Monogram Pizza Oven may be worth checking out. With the promise that it will “meet or exceed the best restaurant pizza oven,” we wanted to learn more!

The Monogram Pizza Oven is designed to fit into a 30-inch wide cabinet cutout, the same size opening as a standard wall oven. And surprisingly, fitting it into an existing space is very easy. There is nothing to hook up and no duct work to install; all you need is an electrical outlet. The LCD touch screen allows you to choose between different cooking options, including a variety of pizza settings and choices for making flatbreads. Also, the ability to connect to Wi-Fi or a smart phone makes it easy to access many other recipes and cooking tips. But perhaps the best feature is that with the Monogram, a perfectly cooked pizza takes only 2 minutes to make!

“The Monogram Pizza Oven combines the crisping performance of traditional coal- and wood-burning ovens with the precision and elegance of a sophisticated stainless-steel appliance…From a simple four-cheese crowd-pleaser to a gourmet Neapolitan masterpiece, if you can imagine it, you can make it in your own kitchen with Monogram,” said Greg Delmonico, Monogram product merchandising manager.
What do you think of having your own pizza oven right at home? Sure, delivery is nice, but there’s something pretty cool about being able to experiment with different toppings and preferred crusts – think of the at-home taste tests between thin and thick crusts aficionados! And creating the perfect pizza pie in your own kitchen can make for some really fun moments with family and friends.

At Better Housekeeping Shop we strive to always offer the newest appliances and cutting-edge gadgets for your kitchen. If you’d like more information about GE’s Monogram Pizza Oven or any other product, stop into our Red Bank location or give us a call at 732-741-4310.

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