Best prices on appliances in NJ

When It Comes to Appliances, We’re Better!

It’s nearing Black Friday, and that means it’s prime time for big box stores everywhere to saturate the airwaves with appliance sales all over the place. At Better Housekeeping Shop, we’ve got sales too! And note…they’re exactly the same sales you’ll hear about from those big box stores, because we carry all of the same brand name appliance they do, plus many more! All month long, appliance manufacturers have lowered prices, and we’re passing these savings on to you, our valued customers. We hope that you’ll stop by and check out some of our great deals, which feature 0% financing for a full six months—and you’ll receive the stellar customer service we’re known for by highly trained professionals! (something we can guarantee you will not find at big box stores!) We may be a bit biased, but we’d say our sales are far better than the big box stores, because there are no gimmicks, no limited-number of items, no bait and switch tactics, just great customer service to guide you to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck!

The simplicity and great service continues when we deliver your appliances too. No waiting around all day! We tell you exactly when we’ll be there, and we’ll also try as best as we can to deliver when you need us to.

You’ve spent significant money on a major appliance, and you want it to be up and running and performing brilliantly as soon as possible. At Better Housekeeping Shop, we don’t just sell you the best appliances at the best prices: we install and service them as well.

Then our factory-trained, experienced installation team goes into action. Our certified professionals ensure that your installation is done correctly, the first time!

After the delivery, whenever you need us, were’ there too! We employ certified technicians who will be happy to service every major name-brand appliances. Naturally we service everything we sell—but that’s not all: we take the extra step of servicing appliances that you didn’t buy from us. We believe in having a real relationship with our customers, and that starts with you being able to count on us for all of your appliance servicing needs.

Counting on us means feeling comfortable with the people that we send into your home. All our technicians have decades of experience and are factory-trained experts; but beyond that, they’re honest, good people. We’re very choosy, because we know that you are, too.

At Better Housekeeping Shop, we’re always looking for ways to make your life a little easier. Hundreds of families in the area already count on us to service their major appliances, and we’d love to add you to the list.

Call us today for all of your appliance needs 732.741.4310 or browse our shopping website.

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