The Top Kitchen Trends of 2019…Part One

One of the best parts about what we do here at Better Housekeeping Shop is getting the chance to see what trends are up-and-coming in the kitchen design and appliance world.  We spend a lot of time going to trade shows, speaking to our brand reps, and talking to insider experts so that not only do we know what’s current but, most importantly, we can help our customers create the stylish kitchen space that suits their needs.  There are a lot of exciting trends and styles coming in 2019 and we thought we’d spend some time highlighting a few of the things we’re most looking forward to.

matte-black-kitchen-kitchenaid-blog0417Black Matte.  In years past, stark white kitchens were all the rage.  While a crisp white kitchen can still feel clean and fresh, it can verge on being a bit too sterile looking if not given the right accents.  So, it’s no wonder that black, particularly matte black, is becoming a very popular finish for appliances, hardware fixtures, and backsplashes.  It’s the perfect way to add some drama to the kitchen without making it feel too dark. (In the picture, featured in Food & Wine magazine, we see KitchenAid’s matte black appliances- coupled with matte black cabinets. Other major appliance brands also offer this finish option.)

861_01Concealed storage and appliances.  This year we’re seeing a push towards clean integration in the kitchen combined with clever storage solutions to create maximum space.  This is particularly true in designs that work to conceal a vent or oven hood.  Watch for systems that will help to hide the vent, creating a seamless look between appliances and design. (In the picture, we DON’T see the Monogram designer hood that is hidden with cabinetry above the cooktop!)

LG_TCS_051616_2Two-toned color schemes.  Unlike in years past, when rose gold was the color du jour, this year we’ve noticed a lot of designs using just two colors, often a wood or natural finish paired with a darker or more striking color.  It makes for a wonderful way to incorporate wooden accents while still having color in your kitchen space. (Take a look at the nice mixture of wood with white and stainless.)

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen?  What designs are you excited about?  We’d love to know!

At Better Housekeeping Shop, we make it a priority to know what’s new in kitchen trends – both currently and coming up.  By working with designers, architects, and decorators, we take tremendous pride in being a part of the team that helps to create your perfect kitchen space.  No job is too big or small for our team; we’d love to help make your kitchen dreams become a reality.  Give us a call at 732-741-4310 or stop into the Shop anytime and speak to one of our Sales Associates.

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